Children with P.O.P and others wearing of braces

The Association for the rehabilitation of disabled persons created in Limbe, South West Region, operated a Centre in Limbe from 2004 until the activities of the Center to the North West Region. The Center for Rehabilitation of Rural Disabled Persons (CERRUD) is now located in Ashong Village, Momo Division, North West Region.

Our activities now at village level are focused on mostly the movement disabilities. It is expected that with the increase of personnel and Infrastructure the Center will expand to permit the handling of other disabilities such as the seeing disabilities, hearing disabilities, fits and development delay.

The movement disabilities include the Rehabilitation and correction of deformities in persons such as knock-knees, Clubfoot, Cerebral Palsy, Erb’s palsy, Stoke cases, Painful joints, arthritis etc. etc.

Our vision is to keep the rural community aware of the different human disabilities, bring together all disabled persons to understand and appreciate some basic principles on their different Rehabilitation activities in a bid to foster their daily integration in the normal socio-economic life as well as to assist in mobilizing, formation and training of rehabilitation health workers.

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